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Gardening worker

Our garden services ensure your garden remains in pristine condition all year round. From small courtyard spaces to expansive landscapes, our dedicated team provides comprehensive care and attention to detail.

Garden Maintenance
Whether you need regular maintenance or a one-time overhaul, our team will ensure your garden remains in top condition.

Pruning promotes healthy growth and extends the lifespan of your plants. Our gardeners have the techniques to optimise their vitality and appearance. We handle everything from precision pruning to major structural pruning, guaranteeing stunning results.

Lawn Care
A well-maintained lawn can significantly enhance the look of your property. Our lawn care services include regular mowing, edging, weeding, fertilising, and aeration. We pretty much offer everything from weed control and pest management to seasonal treatments and irrigation system maintenance.

Plants are the heart and soul of any garden, and they deserve the utmost care and attention. From planting and transplanting to monitoring for signs of disease or nutrient deficiencies, we are committed to promoting the long-term health and beauty of your plants.

automatic sprinkler watering fresh lawn
Detail image of Garden work, pulling out weeds, with lush green lawn

Weed Control
Weeds can quickly overrun a garden, compromising its aesthetics and vitality. Our weed control services employ effective, eco-friendly methods to eliminate weeds without harming your desired plants. We carefully assess your garden, identifying problem areas and implementing targeted strategies to eradicate weeds and prevent their regrowth. Say goodbye to unsightly weeds and hello to a weed-free garden.

A patchy or thin lawn can detract from the overall beauty of your garden. Our seeding services help revitalise your lawn, promoting healthy growth and thickening its density. We use top-quality seeds and special techniques to ensure maximum growth. Whether you require overseeding for maintenance or more extensive repair work, our team is equipped to deliver outstanding results.

At Saltire Grounds Maintenance Ltd, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide exceptional garden maintenance services for both commercial and domestic clients. With our expertise and attention to detail, we guarantee to transform your garden.

Let us bring your garden to life. Contact us for a consultation.

Pruning a Hedge / Garden shears cutting a hedge in the garden
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